Yummy Mummy Cakes - Bespoke Wedding & Celebration Cakes and Favours
Birthdays Cakes
Lambretta Scooter Cake
18th Birthday Cake
Hannah Montana Cake    
60th Birthday Cake With All The Birthday Boys Favourites
Simply Flower Cake   
(Ideal for any occasion)   
Bed Of Roses Cake
Upsy Daisey Cake  
Stacked Two Tier
     Flower Cake
Girl's 1st Birthday Cake  
Rose & Flower Heart Cake
Stacked Two Tier  
Spotty Cake  
60th Birthday Cake
Stacked Two Tier   
Betty Boo Cake  
Male Birthday Cake
70th Birthday Cake  
With Flowers & Butterfly's  
Hand Bag & Make Up Cake
Rose Bud Topped Cake 
(Also Ideal For Mother's Day) 
Mad About Shoes Cake
Easter Cake 
Child's Jungle Cake
Girl's Christening Cake
Liverpool FC Cake
Gerbera Cake 
Hello Kitty Cake
CBEEBIES Caractor Cake 
Butterfly Birthday Cake
Peppa Pig Cake 
Chocolate Extravaganza
Archery Cake 
Heart Shaped Cake with     Flower Spray
Heart Shaped Cake with 
 Flower Spray
Girly Explosion Cake
Olive Oil Cake 
Buzz Light Year Cake
Giant Chocolate Muffin 
Motorbike Cake
Man's Car Cake 
Boys Chocolate
Extravaganza Cake
Pretty Butterfly/Lily Cake 
Hobby Cake
Rose & Butterfly Swag Birthday Cake
Pretty In Pink
Gerbera Cake 
Theatrical Theme Cake
Girl's Chocolate
Extravaganza Cake
Football Theme Cake
Motorbike Cake
Boys 1st Birthday Cake
Anniversary Cakes
Diamond Wedding
Anniversary Cake
Silver Wedding
Anniversary Cake
Congratulations 'Mum & Dad' Cake with Hand Made Roses
Two Tier Stacked Butterfly
Engagement Cake
(also ideal for anniversary's)
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